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siberut-woodhouseOne of PASIH most exciting recent initiatives includes a pilot plot for agroforestry development. This pilot combines agricultural land, livestock and processing of organic fertilizer and biogas to demonstrate a model for sustainable farming and land use. The initiative combines conservation, sustainable agricultural and animal husbandry practices. Through this demonstration plot, PASIH hopes to show to local farmers is it possible to maintain profitable farming practices while at the same time taking a responsible approach to land use.

PASIH and Disaster Preparedness in Siberut

pengungsi-mentawaiThe earthquake and tsunami that hit South Pagai, North Pagai and south Sipora (25/10/2010) sent the population of Siberut fleeing into nearby hills. The earthquake that hit the following Tuesday (09/11/2010) with a strength of 5.2 M and Thursday (12/02/2010) with a magnitude of 4.2 M reinforced the popular public opinion that a massive earthquake – ‘the big one’ - is imminent.

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PASIH is currently working in collaboration with Institut Pertanian Bogor ( The Agricultural Insitut of Bogor, or IPB) and Primate Deutsche Zentrum ( The German Primate Centre or DPZ) of the University of Goettingen, Germany to manage the ‘Siberut Conservation Programme’ (SCP). SCP ( is a joint program that combines the expertise and research of  DPZ  and IPB and community-based conservation. The goal of SCP is to develop research on biodiversity and socio-economic development of society. The intended outcomes of this programme is the conservation of tropical rain forests of Siberut island and whilst contributing to the conservation of biodiversity across the Mentawai Islands.

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hutanSiberut holds a special place in the global conservation arena. The incredible biodiversity of the island has earned it the nickname of the 'Madagascar' or the 'Galapagos' of Asia. The 403,500 hectare island was separated from mainland of Sumatra around 500, 000 years ago. Over time, this geographic isolation resulted in the endemic flora and fauna and rich biodiversity that Siberut has become known for. It also resulted in an exceptional ecological landscape.

Siberut is the ancestral home of the Mentawai people, one of the remaining indigenous peoples in South East Asia. Mentawai people inherite neo-lithic culture characterized by egalitarian system, without political leader. Mentawai people are among few indigenous people that conserve ther original culture with little influence megalithicum or Hindu-Budha culture.


Pasih Profile

logoPerkumpulan Siberut Hijau (Siberut Green Association) or PASIH is a non- governmental and community-based organisation. PASIH’s vision is a harmony of biodiversity conservation and equitable and sustainable development on the island of Siberut. Read more



Dance and summon the spirit of the common ancestor of the Sikerei; decorate your body with some of the oldest tattoo patterns in the world, learn to hunt and see the future in the intestines of a slaughtered pig; join women looking for shells in rivers during dry season. Come to Siberut and you will be welcomed with the friendly greeting Anaileuita!  Read more



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map-siberutThe Mentawai Islands life in Sumatra's most active geological area. The area, known as ‘The Ring of Fire’ is vulnerable to natural disasters. Around these islands there is a subducting slab of oceanic continental plate. Between the ends of two plates lies a ‘megathrust’ known as the Mentawai fault. PASIH is also involved in raising awareness of natural disasters and helping communities prepare for the risk of disaster. Read more

Tour Packages

Some of the best travel experiences are the unexpected ones…Simple transportation, traditional accommodation and an untamed natural environment – a trip to Siberut will arouse the adventurer in you.PASIH tour packages offer a combination of native hospitality, travel to challenging environments and a journey through one of the world’s most spectacular sites of natural and cultural heritage - all under the watchful eye of an experienced guide from the local community. Come and see Siberut through our eyes and leave with our passion for conservation in your heart. Read more


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